About me

Hello, I’m Anastasia, the indie communicator. I am working towards a world where every entrepreneur feels confident to navigate marketing with ease, clarity, and joy.

How will I do this? I will be your strategic guide, helping you create genuine connections with your audience, and achieve sustainable growth for your business.

Let’s connect if you are looking for a collaborative partner to breathe life into your brand and make marketing easy. Because doing what you love is hard work. Communicating it shouldn’t be. 🚀

✨Why work with me?

With a focus on inclusivity, I craft engaging stories and help you feel confident about your brand.

Choosing me means choosing a partner dedicated to your success in a way that reflects your unique mission.

What sets me apart is my commitment to aligning your brand strategy with your mission. Let’s not just make noise. Let’s make a meaningful impact together.

🌱 Who do I love working with?

I love working with people who are making the world a better place. I have a special affinity for small businesses with heart and a strong mission. 

Are you looking to make more impact with your charity? Are you trying to cut through the noise and attract more people to your small business? 

You have come to the right place. Let’s create a package of support that suits your goals and resources. 

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🙋‍♀️ A bit more about me

I have worked in communications since 2014. Working within charity teams big and small, I honed my skills in brand development, content creation, and marketing. But my passion expands beyond. It’s about making a real impact in the world.

In addition to running my own business, I dedicate part of my time to a fulfilling role in a third-sector organisation. This keeps me rooted in the real-world needs of businesses like yours. It’s not just about theories. It’s about practical solutions that work.

I hold an MA in Film Studies, which taught me the art of storytelling. Video, illustration, and typography are not just skills. They are my avid interests. I am also a medical interpreter. I get to help people understand what health specialists are telling them at a time when they are the most vulnerable. 

I put my business values at the core of everything I do:

Anastasia the indie communicator at an outdoor wooded area. The image features a Mental Health First Aid badge from MHFA England


I practice my profession and contribute to society in a way that feels right.


I collaborate with others to achieve our shared goals with a supportive and positive attitude.

Work in

I approach new challenges as learning opportunities with curiosity and an open mind.

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🌎 My commitment to sustainability

With a passion for making a positive impact, sustainability is at the core of my business ethos.

I consciously choose partners and providers committed to sustainability, operate my home office on renewable energy, and subscribe to Bronze Action Zero by Wenta

My commitment to sustainability seamlessly aligns with the values of my clients, shaping every decision and recommendation. As I grow, my ambition is to reach net zero by 2030, embodying the principle that doing what you love should be in harmony with the planet.

Anastasia the indie communicator sitting on the leafy ground in a wooded area

🚀 What are communications?

I love when people ask me, “Why do you do communications?” or, “So, what on earth are communications?”

Communications is the engine behind your business. It ties everything together. From how you present on social media (marketing) to engaging your team (internal communications), creating a strong brand image, and navigating the ever-changing world (brand management and public affairs). It’s about smart planning, effective campaigns, useful research, and being ready for surprises (crisis management).

In simple terms, communications is the unseen force driving your business forward, ensuring you connect, resonate, and thrive in a dynamic world.